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Our mission is to help people restore, relax, and rejuvenate holistically. To help them move freely without discomfort, prevent injury, speed up recovery, and improve posture. We want to help people move throughout their days pain-free.


This type of stretching is called assisted stretching and it's like a massage:

 The overall goal of stretch therapy is to treat muscle tightness, joint imbalances, and tissue restrictions that cause movement distortions, aches and pains, and increased risk of injury.

A good stretch releases muscle tension increases blood flow and circulation and sends oxygen throughout the body.

Over time, stretch therapy improves range of motion, reduces stiffness, reduces stress, increases flexibility, and improves physical performance leading to improved movement patterns to prevent injury or speed

recovery, improve posture, and maybe even get a little taller!

Happy Clients


I started going to Stretchologist Shannon back in January  after years of being a waitress. I would be in so much pain and after an hour of stretching I felt great. I started with seeing g her once a week. Now I try to go at least once a month  to maintain. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER.

Gianna Patterson

I had been to another stretch session at a different location before seeing Shannon and that session sold me. I immediately clicked with her which of course made the stretch that much more enjoyable. I have now had several stretches with Shannon and would consider myself a regular client. She always asks questions to make sure she is in tune with your body and what issues you may be having so that she can tailor your session to what you may need. Looking forward to seeing her at our next appointment!

Shannon C.

I have been working with Shannon for over a year. Prior to this I wasn’t aware of a therapy like this.
I have had limited flexibility for a good chunk of my adult life and having a professional help me with stretching that I would normally struggle to do on my own, has really helped me feel better and has become a huge part of my health and wellness. I couldn’t be happier with Shannon and the stretching program that she provides. I was so happy about it and saw such great benefits that I have now had my son who has special needs getting in a weekly stretch session and it has done wonders for his flexibility and tightness that he has experienced his whole life. I highly recommend Shannon and the Stretch Spot and I am so happy to have this stretching program as a weekly experience in my life.

Eamon Loughran


1st Consultation

Single Session $100 1 Hour: 1 Hour full body stretch.

This is only for new clients/first appointments. We go over medical history and overall health. Discuss with the client how they are feeling and what physical issues they are experiencing, then we do a physical assessment to find a range of motion and evaluate body alignment.


3 Session Pack

1 Hour Each: 3 1 Hour full body stretch sessions

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5 Session Pack

1 Hour Each: 5 1 Hour full body stretch sessions

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10 Session Pack

1 Hour Each: 10 1 Hour full body stretch sessions

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20 Session Pack

 Hour Each: 20 1 Hour full body stretch sessions

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We are building a team dedicated to bringing ease of movement back into the lives of our clients. 

FREE 1st Session

With the purchase of a package, the first session will be free. Single sessions are $125. Packages expire 1 Year after the date of purchase and are not refundable.

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